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Who We Are






The Grocery Link is a family-owned Canadian company  launched in Calgary, Alberta in January 2016.  

The Grocery Link was developed based on these core values:

  • To provide exceptional service to individuals and companies alike
  • To offer an affordable alternative to taxi, Uber, and/or car rentals to access groceries
  • To enable individuals who do not have a credit card, or computer,  to be able to access groceries online
  • To offer companies a way to provide healthy snacks to employess without having to actually go shopping
  • To help save families time shopping, enabling them to spend more quality time with their loved ones
  • To help people save money by reducing in store impulse spending 
  • To help seniors and/or persons with disabilities,  prolong their right to independent living
  • To assist caregivers by picking-up and delivering much needed groceries, so they can focus on quality companionship instead of grocery shopping

Over the past few years, we have met hundreds of busy families, who are now shopping for their aging parents.  Caregivers who shop for family, friends and loved ones, because they are unable to shop for themselves, due to a short or long term disability, chronic or terminal illness, or injury.   

These wonderful people have touched our lives and our hearts, and inspired us to develop / offer special programs that provide a link for the thousands of people throughout Calgary who are not able to place online orders, shop for themselves, or pick up orders at the store.  

On behalf of the entire Grocery Link team, we sincerely appreciate your support and business. We hope that using our service gives you a gift of time, which you can spend with someone you care about, outside the walls of a grocery store.


With grateful hearts 

The Grocery Link Team