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Who We Are


- Mr. Paul Hutlet, PMP

On behalf of myself, my family and amazingly supportive team, we welcome you to “The Grocery Link”.

The Grocery Link is a proud Calgary Alberta Born company that launched in January 2016.  In January 2017 we launched our non profit, The Grocery Link Society.   Our dream is to build and expand our corporate services and our non profit program across Canada so that I can one day deliver groceries to my mom and dad in Manitoba !

The Grocery business and entrepreneurship is hereditary in my family. In fact, I was raised in a grocery store…………literally. My parents owned and operated a grocery store for almost a decade with our family home actually attached to the store! Prior to this my father was a 5 year general manager for Co-op and my uncle owned and operated his own grocery store for over 20 years.

Carrying on a family tradition:  "Besides the memories of stocking shelves, unloading grocery trucks, doing inventory and staging the store for a sale, what I remember most and still hold dear to my heart is:"

  • Helping my father deliver groceries to the local senior care home where my grandmother resided.

  • Helping my father deliver hours of prepared meat, cheese and sandwich trays to the local community center for a community event he proudly volunteered his time for and sponsored. I have been blessed to be raised with strong family and community focused values.

The Grocery Link has been developed based on these core values and will operate with shared, clear and defined missions:

    1. Build a business based on reciprocity
    2. Help seniors and persons with disabilities prolong their right to independent living
    3. Assist care givers by performing grocery shopping duties so they can focus on quality companionship and transportation to medical appointments
    4. Help save hectic families money by reducing in store impulse spending and help them with one chore a week to increase quality family time
    5. Offer equal opportunities for all to grow personally and professionally

My mother has lived her life suffering through the pains of Rheumatoid arthritis and is unable to grocery shop herself.  My sister suffers from spurts of vertigo and is unable to drive to the grocery store, relying on her amazing children to grocery shop for her.  We provide the link for the thousands of persons throughout Canada who are not able to place on line orders or pick up at the store themselves.  No Time, No Vehicle, No Computer ?  We say - No Problem. 

The Grocery Link has been in development for over 2 ½ years and was founded for the sole purpose of having a burning desire to help people in desperate need of our services like my own family members. We have met hundreds of busy families who are now shopping for their own aging parents.  We have met hundreds of care givers who shop for family, friends and loved ones who are unable to shop for themselves due to a short or long term disability, chronic or terminal illness, pregnancy or injury.  We are here to help !  We hope to give you the gift of time so you can spend quality time with someone you care about outside the walls of a grocery store. 

On behalf of the entire Grocery Link team, we sincerely appreciate your support! Your business with us helps us help people in need.