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Why We're Truly Unique

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Your groceries. Your choice. Your way.

See how we stack up against the others.

We are not a retailer and we never mark up your grocery products.  No hidden fees, no tricks and no long term contracts. Many purchase products from the same stores you buy from, load them onto their e-commerce site and re-sell them to you at inflated prices, in some cases up to 35% higher.  They hide cheap or free delivery fees in their marked-up product prices.
We are your personal "Grocery Consultants".  Our goal is to help you save money, NOT to sell you as much product as possible.  We have helped hundreds of families and businesses save up to $75.00/week.  Call us today and learn how. 95% of grocery delivery companies are 3rd party retailers.  Their goal is to sell you as much product as possible to increase their profits.  
We pick up prescriptions at the same time as your groceries from the same store at no extra charge. Most do not offer prescription pick up.
We build relationships and offer a personalized service.  We provide the same shopper every week who learns to shop for you just as you shop for yourself.  If a product is sold out or not to the quality we would buy for our own family we will call or text you from the store to offer you an alternate. On-line retailing provides no human connection.  Most provide a different shopper every week and change staff like we change our socks !!  If an item is not to the highest of quality, they sell it to you anyway.
We build relationships and work in cooperation with brick and mortar stores and with community organizations. National retailers are growing increasingly concernced about 3rd party e-com companies re-selling their products at inflated prices.  Persons living on disability, old age pension or sick leave benefits can not afford to pay an extra 20-35% for groceries.
We have a non profit arm, "The Grocery Link Society" with a mission to end the struggle to access groceries due to age, chronic disease, illness, disability and poverty.  WE believe that when you give back to your community, your community will support you back. ALL on line grocery shopping retailers, or 3rd party e-commerce retailers provide ZERO value to those who are not able to order on line or who do not have the ability to drive to the store to pick up orders.  
We shop for ALL products found in grocery store isles including household and personal.  You have access to ALL sale items posted in the store. Not all products offered in store are offered on line.  Not all sale prices are noted on line as they are in store.  Many group products differently to increase sales. Purchasing baskets of produce creates food waste when you only eat half of what is in the basket.
We grocery shop for ALL your regular grociers and provide quick shop services with added 2nd or 3rd stops at the liquor store, deli, pharmacy or bakery to ensure you get all the grocery items or specialty products you need. 2nd or 3rd stops are not available.  You are limited to only what the retailer sells.  A service is not convenient if you cannot access all the products you need and have to run to the store anyway.
We provide your store reward cards to the store clerks so you can earn points while spending time with family at home. Store rewards are not offered from third party e-commerce retailers.
We offer 1 hr delivery time slots, Monday to Saturday until 7:00pm.  No need to wait all day at home for us to show up with your delivery.  We never leave your order on your doorstep. Many leave your order on your doorstep.  With the rising prices of produce and meat, theft is becoming a major concern.  If theft occurs from your doorstep, you lose your product and your money.
When you call our toll free number you are connected right to the same rep who will actually shop and deliver for you. Toll free call centres are 100% disconnected from the person actually shopping or delivering for you.