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Why We're Truly Unique


Your groceries. Your choice. Your way.

See how we stack up against the others.

We are not a retailer and we never mark up your grocery products.  No hidden fees, no tricks and no long term contracts. Over 90% of grocery delivery companies purchase products from the same stores you do, load them onto their e-commerce site and re-sell them to you at inflated prices, in some cases up to 37% higher.  They hide cheap or free delivery fees in their marked-up product prices and additional service fees
WE ARE LOCAL !  We are a Proud Calgary Alberta, Canadian born company.   U.S on demand companies are slowly making their way to Canada.  Please keep your hard earned money working in our local economy !
We build trusting  relationships with our customers by providing the same delivery rep (team) week after week. With on demand delivery service providers, the drivers bid on the orders as they come in.  You never know who is going to show up to your door each week.
ALL of our reps have commercial vehicle delivery insurance.  We believe in protecting public safety and your products during delivery. Did you know that 95% of delivery drivers who drive for on demand companies delivering pizzas, fast food, or other commercially sold products ARE NOT PROPERLY INSURED.  There are now thousands of delivery drivers on our streets without valid insurance and this could be a public safety concern.  
We are on a mission to end the struggle to access groceries due to age, chronic disease, disability, or terminal illness.  We offer discounted pricing and special programs tailored to the individual needs of our seniors and customers at risk.  Persons living on disability income, CPP benefits, old age security, AISH can not afford to pay 3rd party e-commerce retailer markups of up to 35% even when they offer cheap or free delivery.
We offer 2 hr delivery time slots Monday to Friday 9:00am-6:00pm.  No need to wait all day at home for us to show up with your delivery.  Your order will not be left at your door without your expressed permission. Many leave your order on your doorstep.  With the rising prices of produce and meat, theft is becoming a major concern, not to mention the cold Alberta winters freezing vulnerable produce.
When you call our phone number,  you will be speaking with a member of our team located right here in Calgary. Toll free call centres are 100% disconnected from the person actually delivering to you.