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Q: Do you offer same day delivery?

A: Yes, We do offer same day delivery as long as there are still spots available on that day. We require at least 4 hours notice to ensure the driver receives the new delivery request, therefore cutoff time for same day deliveries is 1pm each day.

Q: What if the timeslot I have booked at the store is not available on your site? What should I do?

A: If the time you have set for pick up at the store is not available on our site, choose a later timeslot for that same day. Send us a quick email, or give us a call at the office, to let us know the actual time booked at the store. Sometimes the stores are ahead of schedule, and we may have an opportunity to deliver earlier if we know the actual pick-up time at the store.

Q: What happens if the store calls and says my order will not be ready on time?

Q: If the store is running behind on their picking, give us a call or send an email and we will work with you to re-arrange your delivery time.

Q: Do I have to be home to receive my service?

A: Yes, we prefer there be someone home to accept the delivery. If you are detained, maybe a friend or family member can accept on your behalf.

Q: Do you ever leave groceries on the doorstep if people are not home?

A: While we PREFER not to.... Especially with the rising prices of groceries, theft, and the variable outside temperatures causing possible damage. However we will make an exception, if absolutely required, and only at the request of the customer. In these instances, the risk of loss or damage becomes the responsibility of the customer.

Q: Should I tip my deliver person?

A: Recognition for hard work is always greatly appreciated, as well as motivating. If you feel you have been provided quality service, feel free to tip the driver. Our deliver drivers receive 100% of all tips, whether included in the online booking or given at time of delivery.

Q: If I purchase a package of deliveries, how long do I have to use them?

A: When you purchase a delivery package, delivery credits are deposited into your account. These credits expire 1 year after the purchase date. For example, if you purchased a package of 5 deliveries on May 5 of 2019, you will have till May 5th, of 2020 to use them.

Q: Do you have a quality control program?

A: Yes, our drivers are provided with the necessary tools, such as carts, bins, coolers, etc. to ensure your groceries are kept safe during the complete delivery process. From loading, to transport, to off-loading and delivery to the door. During COVID, additional safety measures have been put in place to ensure vehicles, bins, coolers and hand-held payment machines are all sanitized after every use.

Q: What happens if items are missing from my order ?

A: The Grocery Link is not responsible for the accuracy of your order. The store employee, who does the shopping for your online order, would be accountable for it's accuracy. If there are items missing, please call the store. FYI: Keep an eye on your email, many stores will send updates regarding any substitutions or shortages approximately one hour before the pick up window.

Q: Do you deliver on statutory holidays?

A: No, we believe in providing our team with a healthy work life balance and are closed on all holidays.

Q: How are your delivery personnel screened for my security?

A: Your safety is our top priority. We perform criminal background checks on all of our reps prior to their first delivery service for us.

Q: I like to shop at multiple stores, can you accomodate?

A: Yes. We offer pick up and delivery services from many stores in the Calgary area and can pick up from any store that offers an online shopping experience.