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  • Our personalized grocery shopping service is 2nd to none.  We grocery shop out of all Safeway and Sobeys Locations in our currently serviced areas.  We provide the same shopper every week so we learn to shop for you as you shop for yourself and we NEVER mark up your grocery products. 

  • Once your account is set up you will see your name with a drop down arrow in the top right hand corner of the website.  First step:  Add your AIR MILES bonus card to your account so you can earn points and SAVE.  Every 95 miles earned = $10.00 OFF your groceries at all Safeway and Sobeys locations.   We will give your air miles number to the store clerk. 

  • Step 2:  In the same drop down menu click on "My Master Shopping List."  Create your master shopping list with all of your favorite items and hit SAVE.  Once you type in these items you never have to type them in again.  When you are ready to order click on "Place a weekly service order."  Simply click on the "Add to Order” button beside each item you want to order for the week and submit.  Typing soon becomes a thing of the past, and click to order is less than 10 minutes of your time.  If you need assistance we would be more than happy to create and pre populate your master shopping list for you !

  • We know the importance of selecting quality.  We do not automatically select an alternative or leave it off your list; your personal rep will call or text you for instructions right from the store.  

  • Do you want your bananas green or yellow?  Did you find an item on sale in the Safeway or Sobeys Flyer ? You can specify any sale items or special quality requirements in the "Note" section beside each item.

  • Going away on holidays?  No problem.  You can use the number of service credits purchased in your package at any time within 1 year from the date of purchase.  

  • When placing your order, select the closest Safeway or Sobeys locaton to your residence or business.  Select a preferred day and time of delivery you will be home to receive your order.

  • Orders must be placed 12hrs prior to your scheduled delivery.  Don't forget that we will pick up your prescription at the same store and at the same time we shop for your groceries at NO EXTRA CHARGE.  If you want us to stop and pick up your favorite bottle of wine for dinner, ensure to add on a "Quick Shop" service.

  • Maximum per service purchase limits and deliveries beyond the 8km radius limit can be accommodated for a small surcharge.   Please click and read all service terms and conditions below.



Perfect for Singles & Couples who spend $125.00/service or less.

We shop at the closest Safeway or Sobeys store of your choice within an 8km radius of your residence.

  • 1 Service               $17.00/service
  • 4 Service Pack      $16.50/service
  • 8 Service Pack      $16.00/service
  • 12 Service Pack    $15.50/service


Perfect for Families & Day Homes who spend over $125.00/service.

We shop at the closest Safeway or Sobeys store of your choice within an 8km radius of your residence.

  • 1 Service               $19.50/service
  • 4 Service Pack      $19.00/service
  • 8 Service Pack      $18.50/service
  • 12 Service Pack    $18.00/service


Business Lunch Room Stock Ups, Day Care Centres, Restaurant & Pub grocery orders.


 We shop at the closest Safeway or Sobeys store of your choice within an 8km radius of your business

  • Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a quote code

  • Please include your average weekly order details, your address, floor of building, available parking or special loading door availability, elevator or stair access and the store location you wish for us to shop at