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  • Groceries will be delivered within 2 hours of the delivery time chosen, barring any unforeseen circumstances
  • Someone needs to be home to receive delivery or alternative arrangements need to be made
  • The Grocery Link will not be responsible for the condition of, and/or missing groceries, if the customer has requested that we leave the groceries outside unattended
  • Surcharges may apply depending on the information and address details provided at time of booking


The grocery link will take every possible precaution to protect the quality of your groceries during delivery.  However, we are not responsible for the accuracy of your grocery order.   

  • The store is responsible to ensure the complete order is brought out to our vehicles at pick-up
  • The store is responsible for any product recalls and/or the quality of product at time of pick up 
  • Our driver is not responsible for verifying the accuracy of the receipt, against the actual products, brought out by the store employee
  • For issues with missing or overcharged items you need to contact the the store directly 


Delivery fees are refundable.  However, the delivery fee will not be refunded if:

  • our driver arrives at the store to pick up an order and there isn't one, or it has been cancelled
  • if you cancel your delivery within 4 hours of the pick-up time
  • If you are not available to accept the delivery, and we have to return the groceries to the store
  • if the store declines your payment method when our driver arrives to pick up the order