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DAVID D. – Calgary AB

“I have been using The Grocery Link weekly for about 6 months now. I use EVERY type of service they offer.  I have my Superstore Click & Collect order picked up.  I use their Quick Shop service to pick up my liquor store order and my M & M Food Market order.  I use their full grocery shopping service to shop for me at Community Natural Foods AND I have Bon Ton Meat products delivered once and a while as well.  Every week ALL my orders are delivered to my door at the same time !  There are a ton of features that I love about The Grocery Link services, including, but not restricted to:

  • Saves almost a day of my time per week.
  • Driving around to 4 or 5 different locations can be frustrating, particularly in the winter months, so it’s saving a bunch of aggravation.
  • Our family is SAVING approximately $125 of my historical bills WEEKLY, which I attribute to less impulse buying.
  • I’m a Germophobe.  This dramatically reduces having to be exposed to sick shoppers or cashiers.
I’m a customer for life with The Grocery Link – and I’d highly recommend their services.  Convenient, reasonably priced, accurate, and professional – couldn’t ask for anything more”

Versalt Inc. – Calgary AB

“We have been using The Grocery Link’s services on a weekly basis for the past 5 months.  Our office has a free employee food/lunch program, so supplies have to be stocked up on a weekly basis.  We were definitely getting shopping fatigue, and started earlier last year using’s organic/produce delivery service which turned out to be far too expensive.  Prior to delivery, an employee basically had to take ½ a day, and go ‘shopping’ – with the resulting loss of productivity and hassle.  We are now saving $60-75/week using The Grocery Link vs. the other service provider and All of our groceries now just ‘show up’ every Monday morning every single week.  We couldn’t be happier with our experience with The Grocery Link, and their reps.”


The Vomiero Family
"We are a busy family of 4 and have found using The Grocery Link over the past month a huge time-saver! We have found that meal prep and consumption of food at home has been easier due to the consistency of having food there when you need and want it. I now spend time on planning how my family will use food, which has made for less waste - especially of the fresh produce.  I have also noticed a marked decrease in "impulse purchases" and our grocery bills have easily decreased by $50-$75/week.  I think the benefits will only increase over time!"

The Drouin Family
"We are loving The Grocery Link! As a big, hungry family of six, it's difficult to take my four young children to a big superstore to get what we need. We are all happier to skip this trip! On the easy to use website we check off our grocery link master list as we review our meal plan for the week, we pick our chosen time and on our chosen day, we have what what we need! 
     Before this amazing service, I would have to get all four children in the van, drive to the store, get a cart, decide who sits and who get to walk. Not to mention keeping them busy and happy while I go from one side of this huge store to the other, only to find I forgot something and have to walk all they way back across the store. Somewhere in between the kids have spotted a few things they want to add to the already full cart and I pick between raising the grocery budget or deal with the meltdowns. When we finally find what we need and more, I have to wait in a big line and bag my own groceries while the kids fight over who gets to push that little green button that makes the service belt move!  Next I have to pile kids in the car and squeeze everything and everyone into the minivan and keep them busy and happy till i get them home and unpack everything we just bought. Phew! Needless to say this service is saving us lots of time and energy!

The McGuire Family
"Meal planning, sticking to my list, resisting impulse buys, and saving money on our monthly grocery bill was completely unheard of before we started using The Grocery Link service. Now, every Sunday I sit down, check my store flyers, create a meal plan for the week, go through the fridge and pantry and see what we need and don’t need and easily submit my order online.
     On Monday morning, my groceries arrive! No more packing up the kids for the dreaded trip to the store, no more spending way more than we budgeted because I saw something that caught my eye and just couldn’t go without! No more 3 hour long trips to the grocery store with three children in tow. I used to shop every Sunday which was our only family day. I was gone for at least 3 hours, there and back, fighting line ups, buying WAY too much and missing the entire morning or afternoon with my family. Ever since I started using The Grocery Link I can enjoy my family Sundays again, I am saving TONS of money.
     I am completely organized and on track with our meal plan and budget! We signed up for the 3 month membership and I am BY FAR saving WAY more than what our service costs per week. Best money ever spent! We also registered to be part of the Family Program where The Grocery Link has been working with us one on one which has helped us see where we have been spending extra money and how to save! Our representative has been so helpful, so accommodating and talk about personal service! If something is unavailable at the store while they are there shopping, I get a call to see what I might like instead! I was worried about getting exactly what I wanted and I was also worried about the quality of produce but these guys are perfectionists when it comes to quality and getting us exactly what we ordered. 
     I am SO happy we decided to save ourselves money and time and become members! I am a lifer!"

The Sawatzky Family
"We are a family of four with two young children. We have tried having fresh organic produce baskets delivered in the past but it became too expensive; we ended up paying at least 20% over what it would be to purchase things in the store. We also found we couldn't be specific enough about our order so we would end up with an assortment of produce, part of which we didn't really use. We would like to find ways to reduce our food waste and it certainly didn't help to get half a basket of food we didn't really want. The Grocery Link program is already saving our family money and helping us reduce waste. We find the service to be super convenient and delivered with exceptional customer service, and we really like their approach to helping families make smarter, more efficient purchases."